As the world’s leading skateboard manufacturer, we use the most advanced technology to ensure the highest quality.
CNC robots are used for precise shaping, varnishing, and finish.


Each board is pressed individually to ensure consistent quality across all decks. Our meticulous quality control procedures ensure that our products are reliable, with inspections occurring at every production stage.

Approved and endured by professional skateboarders.


· Accessibility, flexibility and quick service.
· 3-5 Weeks delivery after order confirmation and payment (custom decks).
· 1 week delivery after order confirmation and payment (natural deck and c.wheels).
· 100% warranty against any manufacturer defects.


Committed to sustainability, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. Our wood is exclusively sourced from protected areas under conservation laws, ensuring the preservation and regeneration of natural ecosystems. We also invest in renewable energy sources and use solar panels to power our production facilities. Furthermore, we strictly follow Basque industry regulations and recycle all waste materials to minimize our impact on the environment. As part of our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability, we are actively studying and exploring solutions to become a plastic-free company.


We strive to make a positive impact by collaborating with different NGOs around the globe that share our vision and values, including Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Roule Petit Ougandais, and The Paddle Paddle Surf Project.. Through these partnerships, we work to address social and environmental issues such as poverty, inequality, and climate change.